Vertical Form Fill - Fill Seal Machine

Liquid Filling Packing Machine

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Products Name: Vertical Form Fill - Fill Seal Machine

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The VP51 vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine can be equipped with volumetric liquid filler for packing product juice, soy sauce, cooking oil, detergent,honey, jam, cream, salad dressing, oil grease, catch-up, chemical liquid, etc.
The filling pipe is equipped with a shutting off device at the end of the pipe to prevent product dropping for keeping the sealing area clear.
The packing line can be linking with check weight machine with feed back function to automatic adjust the filling volume.
It is also can be equipped with impulse sealing device for packing most economical bag material like LDPE, HDPE, BOPP, etc.
Vertical Form Fill - Fill Seal Machine
Bag Size (W x H): 80 ~ 300 x 80 ~ 500mm / 250 ~ 440 x 250 ~ 700
Bag Shape: Pillow
Packing Weight: 50g ~ 10kg
Packing Speed (bags/min): 5 ~ 20
Storing Program: 100
Power (kw): 3 / 3.5
Machine Overall Dimension (L x W x H): 4,800 x 1,210 x 2,560mm

Vertical Form Fill - Fill Seal Machine

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Auto Science Technology Co., Ltd.

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