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Triowin Aseptic Filling Systems offer a highly effective and reliable aseptic method of bulk packaging for high and low-acid food products, including tomato paste, vegetables and fruit juices, purees, particulates, concentrates, sauces, soups and dairy products.
The Aseptic Filler receives drums or bins through roller conveyors. The containers can be drums in a single line, drums on a pallet (4 drums) and bins. The operator places the presterilized bag in the container then they are automatically transported under the filling station. The presterilized bag is manually placed under the aseptic chamber in a sterile environment saturated by overpressure steam. The operator pushes the start cycle and automatically the cap is removed, the bag filled with sterilized product and then recapped. The standard measure system is with load cells but also the volume system is available. At the end of the filling cycle, the roller conveyor transports the containers to the exit.
Features & Advantages
1. high production speed achieved by a newly designed head system (single head or twin heads available), improved reliability from a fully PLC controlled self diagnostic operational mode.
2. greater versatility by meeting various packing standards with different products.
3 Coodinate well with the tube in tube sterilizer, if some malfunction with the filler, the product will be automatic flow back into the buffer tank before the UHT sterilizer.
4. The use of a hermetically sealed empty bag ensures the bag will remain sterile before it is filled.
5. High pressure saturated steam is used for sterilization of the fitment, cap and exposed portion of the fller prior to each filling cycle. NO CHEMICALS are required.
6. The sealing of the fill valve on the interior of the fitment keeps product completely away from the package sealing area.
7. The hermetic heat sealing of the fitment provides a tamper evident closure and a superior oxygen barrier.
8. The overall aseptic design of the filler allows uninterrupted. operation throughout a complete tomato/fruit season, maximizing your plants effciency.
9. CIP and SIP available together with tube in tube sterilizer.



Processing capacity


Compressed air

0.7Mpa, 1m3/min.

Water consumption

3 tons per hour

Total power



4360x3300x2600mm (LxWxH)

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Applicable bottle height


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Shanghai Triowin Technology Company Limited

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Paste Filling Packing Machine




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