High-Speed Catsup Filler &Capper

Paste Filling Packing Machine

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Products Name: High-Speed Catsup Filler &Capper

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My company produced the plunger-type (thick sauce) high-speed filling machine, Sealing machine is in the original combination of 200 cans per minute based on a technology, survey and mapping of similar products in Taiwan, from the overall design of a combination of machines, its thick sauce filling machine Sealing machine driven by the driving force. The aircraft has an overall stronger structure, tight ensemble, beautiful shape and so on.
This model applies to filling all types (such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, with rice rice wine, and capsules orange, all kinds of water-jam, pulp, etc.) viscous materials, high-concentration and particles containing pulp or drink, or even pure liquid quantitative filling. Running smoothly, filling accuracy, suitable for cold and hot filling. Piston and piston cylinder special treatment after cutting-edge technologies to meet the precise, durable wear.
Equipped with material mixing system, three-point level control, frequency control, and out of bottles of protection, high or low speed automatic adjustment, there are bottle filling and many other self-control design. Using high-quality stainless steel, in line with food hygiene requirements, beautiful shape.
the number of filling head: 24
the number of capping head: 6
Can diameter: 52-99mm
Can height: 50-160mm
filling capability: 70-400g;400-850g
Production capacity: 80-400b/min
Power: 7.5kw
Weight: 5000kg
Dimension: 3214x2104x1900mm

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Zhejiang Wei Chi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Filler & capper group series,Vacuum capper series,Catsup filler,Milk powder product line,rregular-can capper series,Solid filler series,Liquid filler series




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