Shrink Film Automatic Packing Machine & Model SR 2400 Shrinker

Thermal Shrink Film Packaging Machine

Model No:

Model SR

Products Name: Shrink Film Automatic Packing Machine & Model SR 2400 Shrinker

Features Specifications:

Applicable Range:
It is suitable for heat shrink of cupped instant noodle, bottled juice and toothpaste, etc.
Special Commond:
This type machine is designed for line, and large quantity automatic shrink packing. According to different products, the machine can equipped automatic inputting system to achieve material supplying operated without manpower. and this machine is running for seasling packaging continiously, so there are few barriers and the sealing space is like a line after sealed.
Products Peatures:
imported plc control
ac motor attached with convertor for realizingstep-less control, dynamic adjustment in operation.
new type vertical seal heating can seal at a low-temp and avoid burning film effectively.
effective dual-temperature area for shrinker, controlling temperature automatically.
circulation of hot wind, ensuring the quality of sheinking.
Main Technical Data:

Model SR450/99 SR450/120 SR450/150 SR590/120 SR590/150


Max Film Width 450 450 450 590 590 590
Packing Speed 50-150 50-150 50-150 50-150 50-150 50-150
Size of Packaging L:90-400 W:10-150 H:5-40 L:120-400 W:10-150 H:5-60 L:90-400 W:10-150 H:30-90 L:90-400 W:30-200 H:15-60 L:90-400 W:30-200 H:30-90 L:150-400 W:30-200 H:20-120
Dimension 5000X965X1750 5000X1105X1750
Material of Packaging POF
Total Power packaging machine:3.66KW shrinker:16.5KW
Switch and Total Power packaging machine: 220VAC, 50HZ shrinker:380VAC,50HZ

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Qingdao Songben Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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