Common Beer Packaging Production Line

Liquid Filling Packing Machine

Products Name: Common Beer Packaging Production Line

Features Specifications:

Common beer packaging production line has major equipments such as filling liquid lock machine, bottle washing machine, and sterilizing machine. Lehui developed series products with leading technologies based on innovation with absorption of advanced foreign technologies. Presently, we mainly have production lines with capacity of 24 thousand bottleshour, 36 thousand bottleshour, 40 thousand bottleshour, and 48 thousand bottleshour Filling liquid lock machine applies service synchronization instead of variable frequency synchronization, resulting in upgrading the operational stability. It adopts clean platform design, resulting in promotion of sanitary standards. It absorbs open-type liquid lock machine design, resulting in easy cleaning and removal. It is fitted with internal new type mechanical filling valve. New wine tank lift unit and bottle pedestal upgrades the reliability and sanitary conditions
Bottle washing machine adopts double-end one with module design. Various modules apply variable frequency synchronization. The rotary spray takes the latest label-removing device. In addition, the number of module box can be added or reduced according to the client′s requirements, ensuring the client′s requirements of bottle soaking time and bottle cleanness.
Sterilizing machine adopts module central heating design, lowering energy consumption. Precise PU value setting is applied to ensure sterilizing effects and to cut down energy concumption.
Main parameters for 48 thousand bottles/hour filling liquid lock machine
Number of filling valves: 144
Filling machine pitch diameter: 4320mm
Joint interval: 30
Number of liquid lock heads: 24
Liquid lock machine pitch diameter: 720mm
Tooth number of star gear for bottle feeder: 24
Bottle feeder star gear pitch diameter: 720mm
Tooth number of star gear for bottle release unit: 24
Bottle release unit star gear pitch diameter: 720mm
Tooth number of central star gear: 28
Central star gear pitch diameter: 840mm

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Nanjing Lehui Light Industry Equipment Co.,LTD.

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Filling And Capping Machine,Casing Machine,Common Beer Packaging Production Line

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201-500 People

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North America
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