Rinser-Filler-Capper Monobloc

Liquid Filling Packing Machine

Model No:

DGY 72/72/20

Products Name: Rinser-Filler-Capper Monobloc

Features Specifications:

DGY Series Rinser-Filler-Capper Monobloc is an high efficient automatic liquid packing machine, which perfectly combined bottle rinsing machine, pressure filling machine and capping machine together in one unit. Empty bottle are fed into the rinsing machine in order by air conveyor, then be turned over and washed inside by the nozzles. After dripping, bottle are fed to the filling machine automatically to fill liquid at high speed and quality. The last is safe and credible capping.
All parts contacting with liquid directly are made of superior stainless steel, especially the filling valve are made of stainless steel 316, which meet the requirement of food hygiene. Adopting pressure type filling system at high speed and high precision to ensure the filling quality. Bottle are fed with air conveyor and transported by clapping the bottle neck and put out with normal conveyor chain so easy to change bottle size.
Adopting advanced "PICK&PLACE" capping system with magnetic clutch capping head to ensure capping quality and the magnetic torque is adjustable. Controlled by frequency conversion motor+PLC+MMI, so the capacity, shift, production and problem alarm could be displayed on the screen to operate easily.
The machine is equipped with stainless steel shield and safeguard door made of organic glass, equipped with safety electric switch; the machine will automatically stop when the door is opened. The handle switch and scramming buttons are equipped at the four coorers of the machine. Rinsing clips are made of stainless steel and available to avoid bottle neck pollution.
There is a stopper on the slide way of caps, which can stop remove the conversed caps. There are detectors on the cap magazine and slide way to detect the cap quantity and position for automatically controlling the speed of cap conveyor and the machine. This machine may stop to alarm when there are few caps or none on the slide way. And no bottle, no cap. There are detectors for bottle input condition, output condition and blocking condition, The machine may speed down or stop when the quantity of the fed bottles is reduced or there is no bottle to feed, or the bottles are blocked before output.

DGY72/72/20 36000(600ml) H-180-300 φ50-φ88 10.85 18000 5900x5000x2900
DGY60/60/15 30000(600ml) H-180-300 φ60-φ96 7.87 15000 5500x4700x3100
DGY50/55/15 24000(600ml)

H-180-300 φ60-φ88

7.00 11000 4800x4450x2900
DGY40/40/12 20000(600ml) H-180-315 φ60-φ96 5.68 6700 3600x3580x3100
DGY32/32/10 15000(600ml) H-180-300 φ60-φ96 4.25 6500 3578x2888x2500
DGY24/24/8 12000(600ml) H-180-315 φ60-φ88 3.25 6000 2600x2100x2500
DGY18/18/6 8000(600ml) H-180-300 φ60-φ88 2.70 4000 2140x1680x2400
DGY14/12/5 6000(600ml) H-160-180 φ60-φ88 1.75 3200 1998x1538x2040

Rinser-Filler-Capper Monobloc

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Rinser-Filler-Capper Monobloc,Wrapping Case Packer,Automatic Shrink Wrapper,Automatic Inserting And Shringking Lable Machine,Easy-open can filler and capper




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