High Speed Cutting Machine

Vacuum Sealing Machine

Products Name: High Speed Cutting Machine

Features Specifications:

1.The machine is suited for perforating and cutting operations for shrink sleeves. It provides flexible cutting profiles of the products.
2.For electronics, computer and optical materials, film roll and foil roll.
3.Servomotor drive.
4.Micro computer controlled.
5.Employs a Germany photocell sensor for accurate detection.
6.Product conveyor.
7.With static electricity removing device.

 Manufacturer Introduce


Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd.

Main Product:

PET Shrink Label Film (for Shrink Labels and Sleeves),PLA Shrink Label Film,PVC Label Shrink Film,PVC Shrink Film for Packaging,PET(G) Shrink Film,PLA Shrink Film,POF Shrink Film,OPS Shrink Label/ Film /Sleeves,PET(G) Shrink Sleeves,PET Shrink Sleeves,PLA Shrink Labels,PVC Shrink Sleeves,PVC Shrink Labels,Tamper-Evident Neck Band,Shrink Bags ( Dome or Stright ),Shrink Tubing,Cast Pallet Stretch Flim,PVC Flexible Film,PVC Rigid Film,PVC Stretch Film,PE/LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE Bags,Poly Bags,Vacuum Bags,Auto Sleeving Machine,Full Automatic L-TYPE Sealer & Cutting Machine,Fully Auto Arranging and Counting Sealing Machine,Full Auto Arranging and Counting Sealing Machine,L-TYPE Sealing Machine,Shrink Tunnel,Equipment for making shrink sleeves - Glue sealing machine,Glue sealing machine,Glue sealing machine,Labelling machin,Shrink Label Re-reeling & doctor machine,Filling and sealing machin,Skin packing machine,Vacuum packing machine,Extruder Blow Moding Machine,Calender Machine




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