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Benison & Co.,Ltd.

Benison & Co.,Ltd.
Benison & Co.,Ltd.
  • Automatic Sleeve Type Sealer

    Automatic Sleeve Type...

  • Automatic Cap Seal Applicating Machine

    Automatic Cap Seal Applicating...

  • Semi Auto-Sealing Packaging Machine L-Type

    Semi Auto-Sealing Packaging...

  • Auto Side Seal Sealer

    Auto Side Seal Sealer

  • Heat Shrink Film - POF(V)

    Heat Shrink Film - POF(V)

  • Heat Shrink Film - POF(A)

    Heat Shrink Film - POF(A)

  • PE Heat Shrinkable Film

    PE Heat Shrinkable Film

  • PVC Heat Shrinkable Film

    PVC Heat Shrinkable...

  • OPS Heat Shrinkable Color Label

    OPS Heat Shrinkable...

  • PET Shrinkable Color Label

    PET Shrinkable Color...

  • Center-Seal Machine

    Center-Seal Machine

  • Hi-Speed Auto Side-Seal Sealer

    Hi-Speed Auto Side-Seal...

  • Auto Side-Seal Sealer

    Auto Side-Seal Sealer

  • Auto Easy Model Side-Seal Machine

    Auto Easy Model Side-Seal...

  • Mini Type Heat Shrink Tunnel

    Mini Type Heat Shrink...

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Our shrink packaging humanizes consumer products.Shrink wrapping and shrink film can be used to create whatever image your product needs - from traditional or conservative, to innovative and new. Shrink packaging attracts your customers attention, improving your position in the market.
Shrink packaging lengthens the life of most consumer products. As a company that manufactures the shrink wrapping machines as well as the shrink packaging materials, we can see to your total needs. We have developed both expertise and technology in our 40 years of experience, becoming a leader in the shrink packaging industry. With sincerity, confidence and persistence, we will provide the best and the most comprehensive service for our clients.
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Benison & Co.,Ltd.


Shrink Packaging Wrapping Machine / Sleeving Material


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