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Edelstein International Co.,Ltd.

Edelstein International Co.,Ltd.
Edelstein International Co.,Ltd.
  • Conveyer Belt,Leveling Type

    Conveyer Belt,Leveling...

  • Conveyer And Packing Table

    Conveyer And Packing...

  • Auto Filling And Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine

    Auto Filling And Aluminum...

  • Multi-Purpose Pillow Type Packing Machine

    Multi-Purpose Pillow...

  • Auto Carton Packing Machine

    Auto Carton Packing...

  • Auto Shrinking Mold Packing Machine (Without Tray)

    Auto Shrinking Mold...

  • Auto Wearing Machine For Shrinking Film

    Auto Wearing Machine...

  • Conveyer Belt,Elevating Type

    Conveyer Belt,Elevating...

  • Jacket Packing Machine

    Jacket Packing Machine

  • Semi-Auto Carton Packing Machine

    Semi-Auto Carton Packing...

  • Auto Self-Adhesive Tape Label Machine

    Auto Self-Adhesive Tape...

  • Auto Glue Type Label Machine

    Auto Glue Type Label...

  • Linear Type Auto Capping Machine

    Linear Type Auto Capping...

  • Auto PE Non-screw Cap Capping Machine

    Auto PE Non-screw Cap...

  • Auto PE Screw Cap Capping Machine

    Auto PE Screw Cap Capping...

 About Us
EDELSTEIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is engaged in manufacturing food and pharmaceutics machinery for many years and specialized in producing over 20 items of equipment including iced products, soft drinks, agricultural products and relative filling, sealing, bottling etc. beverage and packaging machinery and peripheral food industry equipment.
Edelsteian is the experienced manufacturer of filling machines, capping, heat sealing machines and packaging line conveyor systems.
Our belief is to integrate operation to offer from the whole plant equipment, the transference of processing technique to perpetual service after sale of machinery equipment. The services we provide include staff straining, processing technique consultancy and market development. Whatever you need for food and pharmaceutical machinery, you will always receive the best advice and pertinent analysis from EDELSTEIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.
Select us as your reliable partner in business and you will know we are worth of it.
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Edelstein International Co.,Ltd.


Filling Machines,Sealing/Capping Machines


No. 396, Ta-Tun 11th St.,Taichung 408, Taiwan