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Casing Machine

Products Name: Casing Machine

Features Specifications:

Production capacity: Capacity: 4 cases 20~36 cases/min
Main features:
his machine seizes and lays the bottles by aerating and deaerating of claw.
during the operation of this machine, it is slow and stable at the beginning and end but quick in the course and idle motion. The working time is shortened and efficiency is improved. this machine is automatically running and regulating its speed by itself so that it can run with the whole line synchronously.
the machine consists of reasonable mechanic structure, reliable pneumatic device and advanced electrical control technology. It is featured in advanced technology and simple structure.
The passing of bottle and case, carding, positioning, discharging and safety protection of the this machine is controlled by PLC computer and full automation is realized.

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In recent 20 years, Lehui Packaging machinery has been devoted to promoting the development of beer and drink packaging machinery based on technological innovation. We have developed major products PET bottle aseptic cold filling, high speed draught beer glass bottle filling production line of national leading and internationally advanced level, covering such 24~60 thousand bottles/ hour glass bottle high speed beer packaging production line, PET bottle drink clean hot filling, hot filling equipments, water filling equipments, common type filling equipments, low vacuum filling equipment, viscous material filling, piston type viscous material filling equipments, and three and four cap ping equipments.
Lehui Packaging Machinery Plant is located in Airport Industry Park, Jiangning Economic Development Zone in Nanjiang City. The plant covers an area of 237 thousand square meters. Phase I workshop covers an area of 50 thousand square meters and has an office building of 10000 square meters construction area. We have advanced digital control processing center and large machine processing equipments.
Lehui Packaging Machinery provides beer and drink whole set packaging production line turn-key projects for beer and drink enterprises. Now, it is a famous brand in beer and drink industry.