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Draught Beer Aseptic Packaging Production Line

Products Name: Draught Beer Aseptic Packaging Production Line

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Draught beer aseptic packaging production line, with aseptic packaging machine as the core unit, is used to ensure beer filling in aseptic condition after aseptic filtration. After filling, the beer will have equivalent or longer validity time without treatment by pasteurizer. Draught beer aseptic packaging and filling machine by Lehui adopts internationally best packaging container sterilizing processes. In the system, steam is no longer used as sterilizing medium. The main processes are as follows:
The bottle release end of bottle washing machine in ten thousand grade clean booth will be sterilized by chlorine dioxide. Bottles washed by the bottle washing machine will be washed internally by chlorine dioxide. The remaining disinfectant in the bottles will sterilize the bottle during the transport by the conveyor belt and before arrival at the bottle punching machine. Secondary pollution protection is provided. On the bottle punching machine, sterile water will remove chlorine dioxide. Then, the bottles will enter filling machine for beer filling and locking
The system exerts higher requirements for the sanitary conditions of the equipments and the environment. To ensure the clean environment, release end of the bottle washing machine, bottle inspector, and filling liquid lock machine are installed in the ten thousand grade clean booth. Bottle release star gear of the bottle punching machine, bottle feed star gear of the filling machine, bottle release star gear of the filling machine are all placed in the space of ten thousand clean grade. Foam washing devices are required to ensure the external cleanness of the equipments.
The system mainly have the following equipments, such as bottle washing machine, conveyor belt, bottle inspector, bottle punching machine, filling liquid lock machine, cap conveyor, self-cleaning device, chlorine dioxide generator, high pressure spraying device, foam cleaning device, CIP system, SIP system, sterile water system, low temperature membrane filter, and dry packaging equipments.
Draught beer aseptic packaging production line takes all-in-one machine of bottle punching, filling, and liquid lock. Electronic filling valves are applied for slow filling and stable liquid level. The transmission device adopts service synchronization to ensure stability and flexibility. Liquid lock machine of open-type, easy cleaning, and non-lubricant ensures the cleanness. The caps are sterilized by ultra violet sterilizing machine. Bottle washing machine takes double-end one. The segments for bottle feed and release are made of stainless steel.
Main parameters for 40 thousand bottles/hour all-in-one machine of bottle punching, filling, and liquid lock:
Bottle punching machine: pitch diameter 3600mm
Number of nozzle: 120
Interval: 94mm30
Channel number: 2
Filling machine: Number of filling valve: 144
Filling machine pitch diameter: 4320mm
Interval: 94mm30
Liquid lock machine: number of liquid lock heads: 24
Pitch diameter: 720mm

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In recent 20 years, Lehui Packaging machinery has been devoted to promoting the development of beer and drink packaging machinery based on technological innovation. We have developed major products PET bottle aseptic cold filling, high speed draught beer glass bottle filling production line of national leading and internationally advanced level, covering such 24~60 thousand bottles/ hour glass bottle high speed beer packaging production line, PET bottle drink clean hot filling, hot filling equipments, water filling equipments, common type filling equipments, low vacuum filling equipment, viscous material filling, piston type viscous material filling equipments, and three and four cap ping equipments.
Lehui Packaging Machinery Plant is located in Airport Industry Park, Jiangning Economic Development Zone in Nanjiang City. The plant covers an area of 237 thousand square meters. Phase I workshop covers an area of 50 thousand square meters and has an office building of 10000 square meters construction area. We have advanced digital control processing center and large machine processing equipments.
Lehui Packaging Machinery provides beer and drink whole set packaging production line turn-key projects for beer and drink enterprises. Now, it is a famous brand in beer and drink industry.
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