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10-Head Automated Weighing Machine

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HACCP ISO 9000/9001/9004/
19011:2000   Others

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1 unit

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Products Name: 10-Head Automated Weighing Machine

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Features and specifications:
1) With stable 10-bucket structure, to choose the best combination instantaneously from abundant weight combinations by computer
2) With instantaneous reaching of correct calculating by high-precision load cell
3) With quiet running, stable action and long life by adopting step-motor
4) The open and close speed of the material dipper cover can be finely regulated according to the features of the measured material to prevent crashing and damage
5) All the parts touching the material are made by stainless steel, clean and hygiene
6) With excellent compatibility and easy operation with other packing equipment
7) Measuring error: within ±1g
8) Max. weight range: 500g per time (with the collection bucket the max. weight can be 1-2kg)
9) Max. speed: 50 - 60lbs/min
10) Min. scale: 0.1g
11) Weighing error: within 1g
12) Suitable material length: max. 8.0mm
13) Measuring method: load cell
14) Drive method: driven by step motor
15) Bucket type: double-row non-memory buckets
16) Preset function: max. 50 choices, easy to keep your products and weight data for future use
17) Material: contacting part material is made of 304 stainless steel
18) Level control: photo electric (pass type)
19) Power: AC 200/220V +/- 10%, 1.5kVA
20) Optional parts: collection bucket, ripple bucket, vibration part

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