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Qingdao Songben Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao Songben Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Qingdao Songben Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Automatic Pillow Type Packing Machine

    Automatic Pillow Type...

  • Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

    Automatic Liquid Packaging...

  • QSMS Noodle Weighting Machine + QSMJ-II Noodle Bundling Machine

    QSMS Noodle Weighting...

  • Automatic Granular Packaging Machine

    Automatic Granular Packaging...

  • Automatic Granular Packaging Machine

    Automatic Granular Packaging...

  • Triangle Automatic Packaging Machine

    Triangle Automatic Packaging...

  • Row Granular Automatic Packaging Machine

    Row Granular Automatic...

  • Noodle Bundling Machine

    Noodle Bundling Machine

  • Automatic Sauce Packaging Machine

    Automatic Sauce Packaging...

  • Automatic Powdered Packaging Machine

    Automatic Powdered Packaging...

  • Packing Automatic Producing Line

    Packing Automatic Producing...

  • Automatic Packer Of Stand Type Of Big Capacity

    Automatic Packer Of...

  • Without Pallet Automatic Packing Machine

    Without Pallet Automatic...

  • Shrink Film Automatic Packing Machine & Model SR 2400 Shrinker

    Shrink Film Automatic...

  • Five-Motor Automatic Packing Machine

    Five-Motor Automatic...

 About Us
At a harvest Autumn, Songben was born at the foot of Lanshan mountain, the shore of the sea with passion and a great dream. The name of Songben indicates the brief and aim of Songbenese. Song (Pain) - it is always standing in the stormy with the green color all the year; struggling with a strong dream. Pains character and morals are what Songbenese are pursuing.
Facing to different competitors and various customers, Songben has not been defeated in the cruel competition but becoming a excellent packaging machine manufacturer. Based on "science lead to success, service on the first", Songben company has been the technology leader in the packing field, succeeding in manufacturing the first new type five servo-motor biscuit packaging machine without pallet, the first multi-row biscuit packaging machine, the first double serve-motor packaging machine with complete open structure and high speed, the first heat shrink packaging machine with automatic in-feeding system. Songbens products refer to many fields, such as food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic, medicine, etc."Supplying customers the products meet their needs best, solving their packing difficulties: with this brief, Songben always develop new type machines actively, absorbing the advanced international technology from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan etc to make the machines on the developing foreland. Songben has been the professional packing consultant through the sincere cooperation with customers. Although other packaging machine manufacturers at home always copy us, we believe that we will never be surpassed.
In the Spring, we will start our new journey. Because we know we can make our life more colorful with continuous development. We dont believe life but we believe consciousness determines life and details determine success.
Songbens tomorrow will be more splendid with all the peoples effort.
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Qingdao Songben Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.


Automatic Pillow Type Packing Machine,Shrink Film Automatic Packing Machine,Automatic Powdered Packaging Machine,AUTOMATIC LIQUID PACKAGING MACHINE,Automatic Granular Packaging Machine,Triangle Automatic Packaging Machine


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