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TCP Pioneer Inc.

TCP Pioneer Inc.
TCP Pioneer Inc.
  • Gable-Top Cartons Filling Machine

    Gable-Top Cartons Filling...

  • Gable-Top Cartons Filling Machine

    Gable-Top Cartons Filling...

  • Power Fill Bottle Filler

    Power Fill Bottle Filler

  • Rinser/Filler/Capper (Triblock)


  • HF Juice Containing Pulps / Sacs Dual Filler (Quadriblock)

    HF Juice Containing...

  • Tilting Conveyor( For Glass bottle/PET bottle )

    Tilting Conveyor( For...

  • Double Deck Tunnel Pasteurizer /Cooler(For Can/Glass bottle/PET bottle )

    Double Deck Tunnel Pasteurizer...

  • Single Deck Tunnel Pasteurizer /Cooler(For Can/Glass bottle/PET bottle )

    Single Deck Tunnel Pasteurizer...

  • Related Bottle Conveyor System

    Related Bottle Conveyor...

  • Automatic Shrink Wrapper

    Automatic Shrink Wrapper

  • Low Level Automatic Palletizer

    Low Level Automatic...

  • High Level Palletizer

    High Level Palletizer

  • Chlorinated Water Supplying Unit & CIP Solution Supplying Unit(For Rinser And Filler)

    Chlorinated Water Supplying...

 About Us
1987, February 1st: TCP Pioneer Inc. established. (with APV USA holding 30% share) Concentratd on the equipment sales, installation and turnkey line design for Dairy/ Beverage/Soft drinks.
1992, June 1st: APV USA took out the investment from TCP and established their 100% own office in Taiwan, thus TCP became 100% independent.At the same time, TCP began to develop down-stream Filling & Packaging equipment for Bottling and Canning line.
1993, January: Setting a 2000 square meter size factory in Taipei Started to assemble equipment including UHT Pasteurizer, CIP unit & Automation Panel
June 1st : Officially enter the beverage market in China and sucessfully installed two beverages plants for Taiwanese owner at Hangzhou and Changhsa in China.
1995, Installed the first complete Hot Fill Beverage PET Bottling line (18000 bph) at Shanghai for Shanghai Suntory Maling, (S.S.M) (Suntory Japan's Invesment in China).
NOTE: It was also the first Hot Fill Beverage PET bottling line in China.
1996, Installed two 36000 CPH Hot Fill Canning lines for high acid and low acid beverages and two 18000 CPH Chinese congee canning lines for a Taiwanese company, "Eagle"
1997, Shanghai TCP Pioneer Machinery established.
1998,June: Beijing Office established.
2000,February: Guangzhou Office established .
2002, August: TCP Japan established.September 16th: Two machine assembly factories established in the Shanghai area and began to operate.
Shanghai Hi-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. (SHT)
- Hi-tech is a joint venture of TCP Taiwan and Bottling & Canning (Italy) for various equipments manufacturing and assembly, specialized in projects from pre-processing to final filling/packing.
Shanghai Nimco/TCP (SNT) Package Machinery Co., Ltd.
- SNT is a joint venture of TCP Taiwan and Nimco Corporation (USA) and is devoted to gable top carton form/fill/seal machine manufacturing
2004, Auguest: The third machine assembly factory officially established and began to operate Three factories in the Shanghai area, Shanghai TCP/SNT/SHT have up to 120 employees
2007, Feburary 1st: TCP celebrated both 20 years anniversary and the Chinese Annual Banquet in Shanghai at this point, TCP owns 3 machinery factories, 5 offices, with up to total of 220 employees.The total registered captial was USD 3,500,000.00
1993~2009, TCP had installed over 100 lines of complete bottling and canning lines (85% bottling and 15% canning line) and countless individual machines and up stream processing equipment.Major marketing field has included those South East Asia areas such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam,the Philippines and Indonesia.For the Western countries such as Australia, Europe, Africa and South America Major clients are including, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Tingshin, Jin Mai Lang, Wei Chuan, Nestle, Asahi, Hey Song, Suntory and URC...etc.
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TCP Pioneer Inc.

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Gable-Top Cartons Filling Machine,Power Fill Bottle Filler,Automatic Shrink Wrapper

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