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Auto Science Technology Co., Ltd.

Auto Science Technology Co., Ltd.
Auto Science Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shrink Wrapping Promotional Packs

    Shrink Wrapping Promotional...

  • Two Side Adhesion Type Automatic Labeler

    Two Side Adhesion Type...

  • Automatic Labeler For Cylinders

    Automatic Labeler For...

  • Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Shrink Sleeve Labeling...

  • Horizontal Case Packer Machine

    Horizontal Case Packer...

  • Vertical Form Fill - Seal Packing Machine

    Vertical Form Fill -...

  • Vertical Form Fill - Seal Packing Machine

    Vertical Form Fill -...

  • Wrap Round Case Packer

    Wrap Round Case Packer

  • Continuous Moving Wraparound Case Packer

    Continuous Moving Wraparound...

  • Wraparound Case Packer

    Wraparound Case Packer

  • Intermittence Moving Wraparound Case Packer

    Intermittence Moving...

  • Wicket Bag/Bend Sealer

    Wicket Bag/Bend Sealer

  • Horizontal Cartoning Machine

    Horizontal Cartoning...

  • Carton Machine

    Carton Machine

  • Vertical Carton Machine

    Vertical Carton Machine

 About Us
A.S.T established in 1985 is one of the professional and powerful developers and manufacturers of high quality packagingmachinery in Taiwan.
Nowadays, our product system has been creating constantly from standard machinery for packaging production to complexspecial machinery and packaging lines with fully-auto product form-fill-seal and final packaging of carton & case packer.
Nearly 300 customers we are keeping contact with them as our family and get good responds to our product, Not only sale machine but also we offer all customers complete and best service. We believed that our packer will have a big benefit for the excellent productivity and reduce product cost in your esteemed company; We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to take part in your valuable projects.
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Auto Science Technology Co., Ltd.


Filling and Sealing Machine, Horizontal Packaging Machine, Labeling Maching, Quantitaiton Filling And Packaging Machine, Sealing Machine, Shrinkable Packaging Machine, Sleeving Machine, Other Packaging Machine


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